Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Welcome to our service, we provide fast and accurate network diagnostic services.

These terms and conditions apply to the services and govern your access to the services provided by our website.

Please review the terms and conditions carefully, in case of any dispute between us we are bound to follow these terms and conditions to resolve the matter.

By using the Service, you agree to the following Terms with us. These Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you and us.

Use of service

By getting to or utilizing the Service you consent to be bound by these Terms. On the off chance that you are utilizing the Service in the interest of an association or element ("Organization"), at that point you are consenting to these Terms for that Organization and you speak to and warrant that you have the specialist to tie the Organization to these Terms. All things considered, "you" and "your" alludes to you and that Organization.

You may utilize the Service just on the off chance that you can frame a coupling contract with us, and just in consistence with these Terms and all relevant neighborhood, state, national, and worldwide laws, standards and guidelines. The Service may change now and again as highlights of the Service are included, expelled as well as altered, with or without notice to you.

Your Content

A few regions of the Service may enable you to post or transfer data, information, content, illustrations, or other material ("Content" or, when posted by you, "your Content"). You hold responsibility for Content. If it's not too much trouble consider cautiously what you transfer to the Service.

You make a deal to avoid transferring or post any Content that: (I) may make a danger of mischief, misfortune, physical or mental damage, enthusiastic misery, demise, handicap, distortion, or physical or psychological mal-adjustment to you, to some other individual, or to any creature; (ii) may make a danger of some other misfortune or harm to any individual or property (counting our Software or the product of any outsiders); (iii) looks to mischief or adventure kids by presenting them to improper substance, requesting by and by recognizable subtleties or something else; (iv) may establish or add to a wrongdoing or tort; (v) contains any data or substance that might be unlawful, hurtful, oppressive, unfair, racially or ethnically hostile, disparaging, encroaching, intrusive of individual protection or exposure rights, irritating, embarrassing to other individuals (freely or something else), offensive, compromising, profane, or generally possibly commonly as well as criminally significant; (vi) contains any data or substance that is illicit (counting, without confinement, the divulgence of insider data under securities law or of another gathering's competitive innovations); (vii) contains any data or substance that you don't reserve an option to make accessible under any law or under legally binding or guardian connections; (viii) advances, empowers, or participates in any spam or spontaneous mass email, or PC or system splitting or hacking; or (ix) contains any data or substance that you know is misdirecting, misleading, inaccurate as well as no.

Your Account

You are bound to provide us right information about you while creating an account. You may not impersonate any person, organization, company or group.

In creating your user name we hold the right to reject your profile without giving any justification. You will not try to go beyond means to the services you are not authorize to.

Account security

We are bound to provide you security and safety in terms of data you have share with us. In case of any security breach we are bound to provide you complete report about the theft of data if it happens.

Availability of services

We are bound to provide you services you have paid for on 24/7 basis. On the off chance something happens with our backend servers we will try to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Intellectual Property, Copyrights and Feedback

Good, title, and enthusiasm for and to the Service (barring Content given by clients) are and will remain our property and its licensors. The Service is secured by copyright, trademark, and different laws of both the United States and remote nations. Nothing in the Terms gives you a privilege to utilize our name or any of our trademarks, logos, area names, and additionally other particular brand highlights.

Additional reservation of Rights

We explicitly maintains all authority to deny, drop, fire, suspend, lock, or adjust access to (or control of) any record or Services under any conditions (as dictated by in its sole and outright prudence), including however not constrained to the accompanying: (I) to address missteps made by us in offering or conveying any Services, (ii) to ensure the uprightness and strength of our Services, (iii) to help with our misrepresentation and misuse location and aversion endeavors, (iv) to conform to court orders against you and pertinent neighborhood, state, national and universal laws, principles and guidelines, (v) to consent to solicitations of law authorization, including subpoena demands, (vi) to agree to any debate goals process, (vii) to protect any lawful activity or undermined lawful activity without thought for whether such lawful activity or compromised lawful activity is in the end resolved to be with or without legitimacy, or (viii) to keep away from any considerate or criminal risk with respect to us, its officers, executives, workers and operators, just as our members, including, yet not restricted to, occurrences where you have sued or taken steps to sue us.