About Us

Our Mission:

Ensure you browse safely online

About Us

Our objective is to inform you with the most accurate data about the domain you want to visit. We have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of dangerous websites in the last years. It is getting harder and harder to identify dangerous websites - it's no secret, hackers are horribly smart.

This idea came to our mind 2 years ago, when one of us got hacked by clicking on a URL sent by a friend of mine who got himself hacked. We understood that danger on the internet could come from anywhere so we started investigating for a solution - Our objective was to create a services that could enable anyone to verify a site he wants to visit while ensuring his security.

All the available solutions at the time required a form of payment which did not make any sense to us at the time. We believe that everyone should be able to browse safely and freely on the internet so we decided to build our own technology: www.scanmydomain.com.

How does it work? Every time you want to review a domain, we gather data about the requested domain from different independent sources. We update regularly our database to ensure the information is fresh and accurate. Data is consolidated, analyzed and structured. We structure all the data and provide you with recommendations to help you decide whether or not you should trust the site you want to visit.

Scan My Domain is powered by world class cybersecurity firms including:

  • Google Safe Browsing - https://developers.google.com/safe-browsing/
  • McAfee Site Advisor - https://www.mcafee.com/en-us/index.html
  • Sucuri Site Check - https://docs.sucuri.net/monitoring/scanning-api/
  • Virus Total - https://www.virustotal.com/en/documentation/public-api/

If you have a recommendation regarding a new service that would be interesting to integrate to Scan My Domain, or you have identified a bug or you just want to say Hi! - you can always Contact Us.